Portsmouth District Billiards & Snooker Association (Updated 27th July 2018)
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Welcome to the PDBSA website, please

click on the appropriate link to access

the information that you require.

LATEST NEWS - (13th July 2018)


We are going to try a different

method of sending the results.

As well as sending the RESULT

CARD in the post, we would also

like the teams to send the picture

of the RESULT CARD through

WATTSAPP on their mobile

phones. It's easy to download &

FREE. Just take a picture of the

RESULT CARD and send it to

Graham Simper & Steve Toms.

It's something new and its the way

that technology is going, so for

the Summer League please help

us make this a success and if it

goes well we will use this for

the seasons to come. Thanks


The handicap changes have

now been done so please make

sure that you are playing on

the correct handicap.


In this day of age with computers & mobile phones, we are lookingto receive RESULT CARDS by email, or via your mobile phone.

If via a email then please send it using an attachment or if by mobile phone, take a photo of the card and send it via WATTSAPP.

Please DO NOT send it as a normal text message, as it will not get through.

Send a copy of the Result Card to Steve Toms (07704 726441) and Graham Simper (07784 008500) if you are the Captain/Team Member who has

the facility to send it to us.

ALSO Important Info -

The Results Secretary would like to remind ALL Captains to make sure that you POST your RESULT CARDS

on time. Thanks

If anyone has any ideas to improve the WEBSITE then contact Steve Toms.