Portsmouth & District Billiards & Snooker Association

LATEST NEWS - (23rd September 2016)

This page will now bring you some topics that might effect the league that has come from the latest committee meetings.

1. The handicaps for this years Winter league 2016/17 will be published soon.

2. Don't forget this year that if you can only get 5 players for a match, you can still play as the team that you are playing will pick a player from your team to play again. This you can do only 4 times throughout the season.

3. This years 2016/17 Scratch singles will be called the Graham Simper Scratch Singles, and not the Potchester S.C. Cup.



It has come to the committees that some of you are not happy with the write ups in the NEWS. Graham does the report & sends it to them & it then is up to them of how much they put in. Graham & I have no jurisdiction of how much goes in the Paper & how mcuch space they allocate & that's up to the editor.

If you feel that you are not getting enough coverage by the NEWS then please contact them yourself & complain to them & NOT GRAHAM.

Some of you have contacted Graham Simper regarding recent write ups in the NEWS.

Graham in his own time and when he's on holiday I do the write ups and write the report and send it to the News to go in Fridays edition.

We (Graham & I) have no jurisdiction on what and how much the news will put in. The report is due to how much space that the News give us and it is out of our hands. Even though we do our bit the News have their editor and own people who edit the report and then put in what they can fit in.

Please be patient as it is NOT Grahams fault as he is doing his best, but is out of his hands.


The AGM brought about a new competition called the TRIOS.

Its a competition with teams of 3 which will consist of a best of 5 frame format. The format is 3 singles and 2 doubles. The teams shall nominate a ALPHA player who must play in 1 singles and both doubles. The other 2 players will play in the other single matches. The Alpha player can be nominated match by match as the tournamet proceeds. Each team to select their order of play before the match starts. Once the order of play has been revealed it can't be changed.

The competition is open to any Portsmouth Snooker league registered players on a league handicap basis, but doesn't have to be from the same club.

The cost to enter this competition has yet to be decided by the committee and also the venue.


This years Billiards President Cup Winners were Copnor 'A' beating Cowplain.

From Left to Right - Mick Hall, Lee Eden, Scott Compton, Jon Sunderland, Steve Toms, Mark Tillison and Kev Harding