AGM Agenda 2022

20th April 2022
Dear all
The agenda for this years AGM is copied below. I am publishing this slightly earlier than normal as I’m on holiday from tomorrow. This is still time to submit a proposal. The closing date is Monday 25th April 2022.

Thanks all
Gary Curtis -Hon.Secretary

Portsmouth & District Billiards & Snooker Association


7.30 pm on Monday, 23rd May 2022 at the Carlton Club

After accepting last year’s minutes, brief addresses will be made in turn by the chairman, secretary, treasurer (who will provide copies of audited accounts), results secretary and the competitions secretary.  Then follow:


Committee Proposals:

1. That the incumbent committee, including co-opted members, be re-elected en bloc with no other nominations having been received.

2. That Rule 39(para 5) be changed to – League decided (if points level) by 1. Points/frames won, 2. Head to Head, 3. Win record

3. That Rule 56 to include an additional handicap for any Professional snooker player registered to play in any snooker league or competition.  Additional handicap to be determined by the committee in multiples of 7 and added to existing handicap – applies to scratch and handicap leagues/competitions.  

4. That Rule 41 – dress code to include smart jeans

5. Rule 34 –  3 points deducted be changed to ‘up to 3 points’ then  after the sentence that starts ‘if less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation is given’ a new sentence be added ‘If a team gives no notice and simply does not attend a scheduled fixture the Executive Committee have the ability to increase the points deduction and impose a fine.’

Members’ Proposals:

  1. That the Peter Rook Cup team snooker competition become a K/O competition rather than current format of group and K/O stages.

Proposer Rob Dandy                Seconder Brian Elsegood

2. That teams be given the option of entering the Peter Rook Cup snooker team competition rather than the current compulsory entry if entered in the Winter League

Proposer Rob Dandy                Seconder Ioan Moon