Billiards High Breaks 2024

BandNo of PlayersHi BreakCurrent Holder (H'cap)Team
'A' +20 & Below?67Chris BishopCraneswater A
'B' +21 to +54?52Ben CottonW/Ville Bananas
'C' +55 to +74?31Kev Harding/Rob Derry Snr Copnor A&E/Wville C
'D' +75 to +100?37Ant Gillen Portchester X
All Breaks 30+
Bishop Chris (-50)Craneswater A39,32,43,67,34,40
Burnett Richie (-22)Waterlooville C32
Carter Andy (scr)Craneswater A38
Carter Ian (40)Craneswater A30,36,39
Compton Scott (-60)Copnor A&E35,43
Cotton Ben (35)W/Ville Bananas52uf,31,32
Curtis James (54)Cowplain X41
Derry Rob Snr (63)Waterlooville C31
Gillen Ant (81)Portchester X37uf
Harding Kev (64)Copnor A&E31
Hughes Steve (-38)Copnor A&E44,35,33,50,49
Kingswell Mark (-18)Portchester X42
Kirby Rob (6)Craneswater A36,33,39,39,55,42
Lacey Ant (42)Copnor A&E33
Lumsden Danny (26)Bellair 35,45
Rees Dave (40)Cowplain Z30
Rendle Lee (44)W/Ville Bananas36
Rendle Wayne (-21)W/Ville Bananas36,37
Scott Steve (32)Bellair30,31
Smith Heath (15)Cowplain Z44uf
Tillison Mark (2)Copnor A&E38,32
Toms Steve (-48)Copnor A&E34,47
Tulley Simon (45)Bellair33
Wilton Gary (39)Bellair32
Yard Harry (8)Craneswater A30

uf = unfinished 
* = to be confirmed

Highest Break – Any Match in the League or the Presidents Cup, as long as the BREAK is 30 or more and MUST be recorded on the RESULT CARD. If the break is NOT recorded then unfortunately it will not allowed to count (excludes individuals competitions).