RESULT SHEETS MUST be FULLY completed and SENT on TIME via WhatsApp

5 Player Rule can be used up to 4 times.

Congratulations to Pompey Royals -Champions 2023

Summer Division 3 League Table

Updated 8th SepP5 PlayerWLFFFAPTS
Pompey Royals8171472547
North End Bowls8044373537
Copnor Zee8126353735
Cowplain B8144333933
Alexandra Bowls8235284428

Summer Division 3 Results

Division 3 Results Table
6th July
Cowplain B (Tues 4th)54North End Bowls
Alexandra Bowls36Pompey Royals
Copnor Zee--BYE
13th July
North End Bowls63Alexandra Bowls
Pompey Royals63Copnor Zee
BYE--Cowplain B
20th July
Alexandra Bowls54Cowplain B
Copnor Zee45North End Bowls
Pompey Royals--BYE
27th July
North End Bowls45Pompey Royals
Cowplain B (Tues 25th)54Copnor Zee
BYE--Alexandra Bowls
3rd August
Copnor Zee45Alexandra Bowls
Pompey Royals72Cowplain B
BYE--North End Bowls
10th August
North End Bowls45Cowplain B
Pompey Royals72Alexandra Bowls
BYE--Copnor Zee
17th August
Alexandra Bowls54North End Bowls
Copnor Zee36Pompey Royals
Cowplain B (Tues 15th)--BYE
24th August
Cowplain B (Tues 22nd)63Alexandra Bowls
North End Bowls54Copnor Zee
BYE--Pompey Royals
31st August
Pompey Royals45North End Bowls
Copnor Zee63Cowplain B
Alexandra Bowls--BYE
7th September
North End Bowls--BYE
Cowplain B (Tues 5th)36Pompey Royals
Alexandra Bowls27Copnor Zee