Sid Matthews Trophy

Individual (Scratch) Championship 2024. All matches are to be played off Scratch.

There will be 2 seeded players, with the draw being made right through to the Final. Each match will be drawn to determine who is going to be the Home Player and who is going to be the Away Player.

Early rounds upto & including the Quarter Finals are +350, Semi Finals +500 and Final +600.

14 Entries in 2024
Seed No1. Chris Bishop
Seed No2. Steve Hughes


Prelim Round: To be played by 21st April
Ant Lacey 259 – 350 Ben Cotton
Mark Tillison 350 – 267 Chris Bishop (1)
Heath Smith 350 – 341 Scott Compton
Gary Wilton 335 – 350 Steve Hughes (2)
Steve Scott 244 – 350 Matt James
Dan Lumsden 304 – 350 Rob Kirby

Tony Simmons
Trevor Sanders

Quarter Finals: to be played by 22nd May

Ben Cotton 350 (33) – 278 Tony Simmonds
Trevor Sanders 159 – 350 Mark Tillison
Rob Kirby 350 – 165 Heath Smith
Steve Hughes (2) 350 – 289 Matt James

Semi Finals: to be played by 15th June
Ben Cotton 500 – 394 Mark Tillison
Rob Kirby 500 – 334 v Steve Hughes

FINAL 1st July
Venue TBA. Dress Code Applies
600 up

Ben Cotton v Rob Kirby

Sid Matthews Trophy Previous Winners

2023Matt JamesSteve Hughes
2022No Competition
2021No Competition
2020No Competition
2019Emma BONNEYNigel Ward
2018Emma BONNEYSteve Hughes
2017Emma BONNEYPhil Ledington
2016Emma BONNEYPhil Ledington
2015Phil LEDINGTONJohn Oldfield
2014Dave LAWRENCEEmma Bonney
2013Colin NORTONEmma Bonney
2012Colin NORTONDave Lawrence
2011Emma BONNEYColin Norton
2010Emma BONNEYSteve Kearn
2009Colin NORTONAlex Spencer
2008Alex SPENCERSteve Lawrence
2007Colin NORTONAlex Spencer
2006Colin NORTONFred Jeffrey
2005Colin NORTONFred Jeffrey
2003Dave BURGESSFred Jeffrey
2002Dave BURGESSStan Pitts
2001Dave BURGESSStan Pitts