The Dennis Hushley Memorial Trophy

Matches to be played off league handicaps, all rounds up to and including the Semi Finals and Final are the best of 5 frames.

Handicaps to be added together and divided by 2. (e.g) 40 + 45 = 85 when halved = 42.5 – Handicap will be 43. Each round is drawn.

Please make sure that you are available for each round especially the Semi Finals and Final as these dates will not be changed.

All matches are best of 5.

Congratulations to Gary Wilton & Simon Tulley – Champions 2024

Preliminary Round
Preliminary Round – played by 3rd November 2023
Round One (32) – Played by 27th November 2023
Round Two (16) – Played by 16th December 2023
Quarter Finals – Played by 13th January 2024
Semi Finals – Played by 2nd February 2024

FINAL26th February 2024
Venue: Cowplain Social Club
Dress Code Applies & Referee Supplied

Andy Howell (55)Bellair X03Gary Wilton (80)Bellair A
Paul Ashmore (75)Simon Tulley (85)
Semi Finals
Scott Compton (95)Copnor A&E23Andy Howell (55)Bellair X
Mark Tillison (90)Paul Ashmore (75)
Rod McBain (65)Craneswater R13Gary Wilton (80)Bellair A
Martin Richardson (75)Simon Tulley (85)
Quarter Finals
Andy Howell (55)Bellair X30Ant Lacy (80)Copnor A&E
Paul Ashmore (75)Lee Eden (85)
Gary Wilton (80)Bellair A32Richard Jones (45)NEBC
Simon Tulley (85)Colin Elliott (55)
Scott Compton (95)Copnor A&Ew/oKarl Hiscutt (45)Pompey Royals
Mark Tillison (90)Martin Bell (55)
Rod McBain (65)Craneswater Rw/oGreg Harding (100)Emsworth A
Martin Richardson (75)Chris Hardyman (75)
2nd Round
Vinny Baker (55)Misfits23Andy Howell (55)Bellair X
Russell Beaven (70)Paul Ashmore (75)
Ryan O'Sullivan (50)Copnor Zee23Scott Compton (95)Copnor A&E
Tony Norfolk (70)Mark Tillison (90)
Gary Wilton (80)Bellair A32Dan Lee (85)Bananas
Simon Tulley (85)Ollie Rendle (45)
Neil Kirby (75)Cowplain Gas23Richard Jones (45)NEBC
Terry Lees (45)Colin Elliott (55)
Ade Binding (80)Craneswater A23Karl Hiscutt (45)Pompey Royals
Ian Carter (80)Martin Bell (55)
Greg Harding (100)Emsworth A31Dusty Tingley (90)Bellair A
Chris Hardyman (75)Dan Lumsden (90)
Rob Derry Snr (60)Waterlooville C13Rod McBain (65)Craneswater R
Rob Derry Jnr (50)Martin Richardson (75)
Ant Lacy (80)Copnor A&E31Steve Scott (65)Bellair X
Lee Eden (85)Dave Ridell (65)
First Round
Matches to be played by 27th November 2023
Andy Howell (55)Bellair X31Ioan Moon (75)Cowplain
Paul Ashmore (75)Pete Gorvin (55)
Dan Lee (85)Bananas31Mark Restall (60)Broad Oak
Ollie Rendle (45)Simon Flemming (70)
Paul Wilson (45)Copnor Z23Ade Binding (80)Craneswater A
Harry Wilson (35)Ian Carter (80)
Greg Harding (100)Emsworth A30Mike Dorey (75)NEBC
Chris Hardyman (75)Paul Chivers (75)
Karl Hiscutt (45)Pompey Royalsw/oPaul Harvey (30)Copnor E
Martin Bell (55)Tony Sherwood (10)
Kyle Cake (75)Portchester X03Neil Kirby (75)Cowplain Gas
Adam Gillen (70)Terry Lees (45)
Ant Lacy (80)Copnor A&E30Lee Paice (65)Portchester X
Lee Eden (85)Luke Roberts (60)
Nathan Hickley (50)Cowplain Z23Dusty Tingley (90)Bellair A
Trevor Powell (45)Dan Lumsden (90)
Rob Derry Snr (60)Waterlooville C30Ted Dowse (20)Cowplain
Rob Derry Jnr (50)Ray Axton (45)
Pete Parsons (45)Craneswater R13Scott Compton (95)Copnor A&E
A Mitas-Pahita (70)Mark Tillison (90)
Steve Scott (65)Bellair X30Harry Hartley (35)Copnor Zee
Dave Ridell (65)Johnny Hartley (45)
John Wyatt (60)Copnor E13Richard Jones (45)NEBC
Stacey Wearn (55)Colin Elliott (55)
Jason Tame (90)Portchester X13Vinny Baker (55)Cowplain
Matt James (90)Russell Beaven (70)
Ryan O'Sullivan (50)Copnor Zee31Leon Smith (50)Copnor Zee
Tony Norfolk (70)Danny O'Sullivan (60)
Simon Cornwell (50)Broad Oak03Rod McBain (65)Craneswater R
Lance Cornwell (65)Martin Richardson (75)
Gary Wilton (80)Bellair Aw/oSteve Toms (90)Copnor A
Simon Tulley (85)Kev Harding (65)
Preliminary Round
Vinny Baker (55)Cowplain
32Mark Kingswell (80)Portchester X
Russell Beaven (70)Lewis Johnson (70)
John Wyatt (60)Copnor E30Bobby Terry (100)Emsworth A
Stacey Wearn (55)Gavin Mengham (80)
Rob Derry Snr (60)Waterlooville C30Dean Bates (65)Cowplain
Rob Derry Jnr (50)Steve Dewhirst (45)
Lee Rendle (90)Bananas03Harry Hartley (35)Copnor Z
Steve Ball (70)Johnny Hartley (45)
Jason Tame (90)Portchester X31Roy Steere (45)Cowplain X
Matt James (90)Darren Arnold (45)
Leon Smith (50)Copnor Z31Grant Vernon (70)Craneswater R
Danny O'Sullivan (60)Larry Vernon (50)
Rod McBain (65)Craneswater R30Greg Jones (100)Bellair A
Martin Richardson (75)Paul Jagger (90)
Gary Curtis (70)Cowplain X03Gary Wilton (80)Bellair A
James Curtis (60)Simon Tulley (85)
24 Byes
Ade Binding (80)Craneswater A
Ian Carter (80)
Andy Howell (55)Bellair X
Paul Ashmore (75)
Ant Lacy (80)Copnor A&E
Lee Eden (85)
Dan Lee (85)Bananas
Ollie Rendle (45)
Dusty Tingley (90)Bellair A
Dan Lumsden (90)
Greg Harding (100)Emsworth A
Chris Hardyman (75)
Ioan Moon (75)Cowplain
Pete Gorvin (55)
Karl Hiscutt (45)Pompey Royals
Martin Bell (55)
Kyle Cake (75)Portchester X
Adam Gillen (70)
Lee Paice (65)Portchester X
Luke Roberts (60)
Mark Restall (60)Broad Oak
Simon Flemming (70)
Mike Dorey (75)NEBC
Paul Chivers (75)
Nathan Hickley (50)Cowplain Z
Trevor Powell (45)
Neil Kirby (75)Cowplain Gas
Terry Lees (45)
Paul Harvey (30)Copnor E
Tony Sherwood (10)
Paul Wilson (45)Copnor Z
Harry Wilson (35)
Pete Parsons (45)Craneswater R
A Mitas-Pahita (70)
Richard Jones (45)NEBC
Colin Elliott (55)
Ryan O'Sullivan (50)Copnor Z
Tony Norfolk (70)
Scott Compton (95)Copnor A&E
Mark Tillison (90)
Simon Cornwell (50)Broad Oak
Lance Cornwell (65)
Steve Scott (65)Bellair X
Dave Ridell (65)
Steve Toms (90)Copnor A
Kev Harding (65)
Ted Dowse (20)Cowplain
Ray Axton (45)

Previous Winners

2023/24Gary Wilton & Simon TulleyAndy Howell & Paul Ashmore
2022/23Ryan O'Sullivan & Tony NorfolkWayne O'Driscoll & Andy Boulton
2021/22No Competition
2020/21No Competition
2019/20Wayne Rendle & Lee RendleDusty Tingley & Jamie Wilson
2018/19Dusty Tingley & Jamie WilsonWayne Rendle & Lee Rendle
2017/18Andy Boulton & Charlie GardnerIan Carter & Dave Carter
2016/17Ioan Moon & Brian ElsegoodSteve Toms & Dan Compton
2015/16E Bonney & N WardR Derry Snr & R Derry Jnr
2014/15M Talmondt & P FergusonP Richard & Chloe White
2013/14M Talmondt & P FergusonM Tillison & S Hughes
2012/13P Richard & Chloe WhiteD Hushley & J Oldfield
2011/12P Ferguson & M TalmondtD Hushley & J Oldfield
2010/11J Green & F StandleyM James & M Hannam
2009/10M Tilbury & D WeedonM Paffett & J Sproates
2008/09S Kearn & S LawrenceB Turner & L Newman
2007/08A Brett & C HammettM James & A Bendell
2006/07M James & A BendellI Carter & J Peers
2005/06C Lowe & J CreamerC Rowe & M Restall