The Results Secretary reminds all CAPTAINS that ALL RESULT SHEETS MUST be FULLY completed and SENT on TIME via WhatsApp. A copy of how to fill in a Results Sheet can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: Format to play league, President Cup matches & Harding Cup (Hcp singles) – All matches to be played using league handicaps.  Sid Matthews Trophy (Scr singles) – All matches to be played off Scratch.

Updated 3rd April 2022

Billiards Division 1 League Table 2022

Updated 15/5/22PWLFFFAPTS
Stoke Sharks22010410
Copnor A&E22010410
Bellair X220868
Pompey Royals211868
Waterlooville C211777
Portchester X202686
Cowplain B2024104
Cowplain Misfits2023113

Billiards Division 1 Results Table 2022

5th May   
Stoke Sharks61Cowplain Misfits
Pompey Royals34Bellair X
Portchester X34Copnor A&E
Cowplain B34Waterlooville C
12th May
Cowplain Misfits25Pompey Royals
Copnor A&E61Cowplain B
Bellair X43Portchester X
Waterlooville C34Stoke Sharks
19th May
Pompey RoyalsStoke Sharks
Portchester XCowplain Misfits
Cowplain BBellair X
Copnor A&EWaterlooville C
26th May Presidents Cup Quarter Finals
2nd June
Cowplain MisfitsCowplain B
Stoke SharksPortchester X
Bellair XCopnor A&E
Waterlooville CPompey Royals
9th June
Portchester XPompey Royals
Cowplain BStoke Sharks
Copnor A&ECowplain Misfits
Bellair XWaterlooville C
16th June Presidents Cup Semi Finals
23rd June
Cowplain MisfitsBellair X
Stoke SharksCopnor A&E
Pompey RoyalsCowplain B
Waterlooville CPortchester X
30th June
Cowplain BPortchester X
Copnor A&EPompey Royals
Bellair XStoke Sharks
Waterlooville CCowplain Misfits
7th JulyPresidents Cup Final