The Results Secretary reminds all CAPTAINS that ALL RESULT SHEETS MUST be FULLY completed and SENT on TIME via WhatsApp. A copy of how to fill in a Results Sheet can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: Format to play league, President Cup matches & Harding Cup (Hcp singles) – All matches to be played using league handicaps.  Sid Matthews Trophy (Scr singles) – All matches to be played off Scratch.

Billiards Division 1 League Table 2024

Updated 21st JunePWLFFFAPTS
Craneswater A012111632163
Copnor A&E01385613061
W/Ville Bananas01266543054
Portchester X01376504150
Bellair 01274493549
Waterlooville C01376405140
Cowplain X01248374737
Cowplain Z11138344334
Cowplain Misfits112210206420

Billiards Division 1 Results Table 2024

Billiards Results Table
14th March
Cowplain Z16Waterlooville C
Bellair61Cowplain X
Portchester X25Craneswater A
Copnor A&E70Cowplain Misfits
W/Ville Bananas--BYE
19/21 March
Waterlooville C07Bellair
Cowplain Misfits07W/Ville Bananas
Craneswater A43Copnor A&E
Cowplain X (TUES)43Portchester X
BYE--Cowplain Z
28th March
Bellair43Cowplain Z
Portchester X61Waterlooville C
Copnor A&E52Cowplain X
W/Ville Bananas34Craneswater A
Cowplain Misfits--BYE
2/4 April
Waterlooville C43Copnor A&E
Cowplain Z61Portchester X
Craneswater A61Cowplain Misfits
W/Ville Bananas25Cowplain X
11th April
Portchester X43Bellair
Copnor A&E34Cowplain Z
W/Ville Bananas25Waterlooville C
Cowplain Misfits07Cowplain X
Craneswater A--BYE
16/18 April
Waterlooville C52Cowplain Misfits
Cowplain Z34W/Ville Bananas
Bellair16Copnor A&E
Craneswater A43Cowplain X
BYE--Portchester X
25th April
Copnor A&E52Portchester X
W/Ville Bananas70Bellair
Cowplain Misfits61Cowplain Z
Craneswater A61Waterlooville C
Cowplain X--BYE
2nd May
Waterlooville C52Cowplain X
Cowplain Z16Craneswater A
Bellair61Cowplain Misfits
Portchester X52W/Ville Bananas
BYE--Copnor A&E
7/9 May
W/Ville Bananas43Copnor A&E
Cowplain Misfits07Portchester X
Craneswater A43Bellair
Cowplain X (TUES)Playing 11th JulyCowplain Z
BYEWaterlooville C
14/16 May
Waterlooville C52Cowplain Z
Cowplain Misfits25Copnor A&E
Craneswater A43Portchester X
Cowplain X (TUES)34Bellair
BYE--W/Ville Bananas
23rd May
Bellair70Waterlooville C
Portchester X61Cowplain X
Copnor A&E43Craneswater A
W/Ville Bananas70Cowplain Misfits
Cowplain ZBYE
28/30 May
Waterlooville C34Portchester X
Cowplain Z52Bellair
Craneswater A52W/Ville Bananas
Cowplain X (TUES)25Copnor A&E
BYECowplain Misfits
6th June
Portchester X43Cowplain Z
Copnor A&E34Waterlooville C
Cowplain X (TUES)43W/Ville Bananas
Cowplain Misfits16Craneswater A
11/13 June
Waterlooville C16W/Ville Bananas
Cowplain Z34Copnor A&E
Bellair43Portchester X
Cowplain X (TUES)25Cowplain Misfits
BYE--Craneswater A
20th June
Copnor A&E52Bellair
W/Ville Bananas52Cowplain Z
Cowplain MisfitsWaterlooville C
Cowplain X (TUES)16Craneswater A
Portchester X--BYE
27th June
Waterlooville CCraneswater A
Cowplain ZCowplain Misfits
BellairW/Ville Bananas
Portchester XCopnor A&E
BYECowplain X
2/4 July
W/Ville BananasPortchester X
Cowplain MisfitsBellair
Craneswater ACowplain Z
Cowplain X (TUES)Waterlooville C
Copnor A&EBYE
11th July
Cowplain ZCowplain X
BellairCraneswater A
Portchester XCowplain Misfits
Copnor A&EW/Ville Bananas
Waterlooville CBYE