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Division 2 League Table

Updated 18/2/22PWDLFFFAPTS
Craneswater Q16141111676116
Cowplain Z1692511082110
Emsworth B1694310983109
Waterlooville C1683510488104
Craneswater R1662810488104
Bellair X16637999399
Waterlooville Xcels165389110191
North End Bowls1623116712567
Waterlooville D1613126412864

Division 2 – 5 Player Rule

This rule will not be recorded for the new restart season (2021/22). Teams can enjoy unlimited use of the Five Player Rule


Division 2 Results Table

* Denotes 5 Man Rule used.

Division 2 Results Table   
7th Oct
BYE--North End Bowls
Waterlooville C48Craneswater Q
Craneswater R111Waterlooville D
Cowplain Z102Emsworth B
Bellair X93Waterlooville Xcels
14th Oct
North End Bowls57Waterlooville C
Emsworth B66Bellair X
Waterlooville D210Cowplain Z
Craneswater Q84Craneswater R
Waterlooville Xcels--BYE
21st Oct
Waterlooville C--BYE
Craneswater R102North End Bowls
Cowplain Z57Craneswater Q
Bellair X102Waterlooville D
Emsworth B75Waterlooville Xcels
28th Oct
North End Bowls84Cowplain Z
BYE--Craneswater R
Waterlooville D39Emsworth B
Craneswater Q75Bellair X
Waterlooville Xcels39Waterlooville C
4th Nov
Craneswater R75Waterlooville C
Cowplain Z--BYE
Bellair X102North End Bowls
Emsworth B57Craneswater Q
Waterlooville D48Waterlooville Xcels
11th Nov
North End Bowls66Emsworth B
BYE--Bellair X
Waterlooville C75Cowplain Z
Craneswater Q66Waterlooville D
Waterlooville Xcels75Craneswater R
18th Nov
Cowplain Z84Craneswater R
Bellair X39Waterlooville C
Emsworth B--BYE
Waterlooville D66North End Bowls
Craneswater Q75Waterlooville Xcels
25th Nov
North End Bowls48Craneswater Q
BYE--Waterlooville D
Waterlooville C57Emsworth B
Craneswater R57Bellair X
Waterlooville Xcels84Cowplain Z
2nd Dec
Bellair X66Cowplain Z
Emsworth B84Craneswater R
Waterlooville D48Waterlooville C
Craneswater Q--BYE
Waterlooville Xcels93North End Bowls
9th Dec
North End Bowls--BYE
Craneswater Q75Waterlooville C
Waterlooville D75Craneswater R
Emsworth B57Cowplain Z
Waterlooville Xcels66Bellair X
16th Dec
Waterlooville C93North End Bowls
Bellair X57Emsworth B
Cowplain Z66Waterlooville D
Craneswater R57Craneswater Q
BYE--Waterlooville Xcels
6th Jan
BYE--Waterlooville C
North End Bowls210Craneswater R
Craneswater Q75Cowplain Z
Waterlooville D48Bellair X
Waterlooville Xcels57Emsworth B
13th Jan
Cowplain Z75North End Bowls
Craneswater R--BYE
Emsworth B102Waterlooville D
Bellair X48Craneswater Q
Waterlooville C66Waterlooville Xcels
20th jan
Waterlooville C66Craneswater R
BYE--Cowplain Z
North End Bowls39Bellair X
Craneswater Q48Emsworth B
Waterlooville Xcels75Waterlooville D
27th Jan
Emsworth B102North End Bowls
Bellair X--BYE
Cowplain Z93Waterlooville C
Waterlooville D39Craneswater Q
Craneswater R84Waterlooville Xcels
3rd Feb
Craneswater R48Cowplain Z
Waterlooville C75Bellair X
BYE--Emsworth B
North End Bowls75Waterlooville D
Waterlooville Xcels57Craneswater Q
10th Feb
Craneswater Q93North End Bowls
Waterlooville D--BYE
Emsworth B66Waterlooville C
Bellair X210Craneswater R
Cowplain Z84Waterlooville Xcels
17th Feb
Cowplain Z84Bellair X
Craneswater R66Emsworth B
Waterlooville C84Waterlooville D
BYE--Craneswater Q
North End Bowls66Waterlooville Xcels

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