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Congratulations to Pompey Royals – Division 3 Champions 2023/24

Division 3 League Table

Updated 23rd Feb5 PlayerPWDLFFFAPTS
Pompey Royals114131011157111
Copnor E014111211058110
Cowplain X314734888088
North End Bowls014527828682
Broad Oak Dandy's014617798979
Alexandra Bowls114419699969
Cowplain Misfits0142396810068
Copnor Zee11412116510365

Division 3 Results Table (Tuesdays and Thursdays

Division 3 Results Table
26th/28th Sept
Copnor E93Alexandra Bowls
Broad Oak Dandy's (TUES)48Pompey Royals
Cowplain Misfits (TUES)48Copnor Zee
North End Bowls84Cowplain X
3rd/5th Oct
Alexandra Bowls84Broad Oak Dandy's
Copnor Zee210North End Bowls
Pompey Royals93Cowplain Misfits
Cowplain X (TUES)111Copnor E
17th/19th Oct
Broad Oak Dandy's (TUES)210Copnor E
Cowplain Misfits (TUES)48Alexandra Bowls
North End Bowls66Pompey Royals
Copnor Zee57Cowplain X
24th/26th Oct
Alexandra Bowls75North End Bowls
Copnor E93Cowplain Misfits
Pompey Royals84Copnor Zee
Cowplain X (TUES)84Broad Oak Dandy's
7th/9th Nov
Cowplain Misfits (TUES)84Broad Oak Dandy's
North End Bowls57Copnor E
Copnor Zee57Alexandra Bowls
Pompey Royals75Cowplain X
14th/16th Nov
Alexandra Bowls39Pompey Royals
Copnor E84Copnor Zee
Broad Oak Dandy's (TUES)93North End Bowls
Cowplain X (TUES)75Cowplain Misfits
28th/30th Nov
North End Bowls66Cowplain Misfits
Copnor Zee57Broad Oak Dandy's
Pompey Royals75Copnor E
Cowplain X (TUES)84Alexandra Bowls
5th/7th Dec
Alexandra Bowls57Copnor E
Pompey Royals93Broad Oak Dandy's
Copnor Zee66Cowplain Misfits
Cowplain X (TUES)111North End Bowls
2nd/4th Jan
Broad Oak Dandy's (TUES)93Alexandra Bowls
North End Bowls84Copnor Zee
Cowplain Misfits (TUES)57Pompey Royals
Copnor E66Cowplain X
9th/11th Jan
Copnor E75Broad Oak Dandy's
Alexandra Bowls57Cowplain Misfits
Pompey Royals84North End Bowls
Cowplain X (TUES)75Copnor Zee
23rd/25th Jan
North End Bowls75Alexandra Bowls
Cowplain Misfits (TUES)48Copnor E
Copnor Zee57Pompey Royals
Broad Oak Dandy's (TUES)66Cowplain X
30thJan/1st Feb
Broad Oak Dandy's (TUES)84Cowplain Misfits
Copnor E75North End Bowls
Alexandra Bowls66Copnor Zee
Cowplain X (TUES)57Pompey Royals
13th/15th Feb
Pompey Royals120Alexandra Bowls
Copnor Zee111Copnor E
North End Bowls57Broad Oak Dandy's
Cowplain Misfits (TUES)66Cowplain X
20th/22nd Feb
Cowplain Misfits (TUES)39North End Bowls
Broad Oak Dandy's (TUES)75Copnor Zee
Copnor E57Pompey Royals
Alexandra Bowls57Cowplain X

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