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Division 3 League Table

Updated 02/12/21PWDLFFFAPTS
Waterlooville Bananas9720644464
Cowplain B9504575157
Broadoak Social Club8413544254
Alexandra Bowls9324525652
Pompey Royals8332514551
Cowplain Gas9117466246
Waterlooville Butler Boys8314425442
Cowplain Misfits8224425442

Division 3 – 5 Player Rule

This rule will not be recorded for the new restart league (2021/22). Teams can enjoy unlimited use of the 5 Player Rule.


Division 3 Results Table (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

* Denotes 5 Man Rule used.

Division 2 Results Table   
5th/7th Oct
Waterlooville Bananas75Cowplain Gas
Cowplain B75Cowplain Misfits
Broadoak Social Club57Waterlooville Butler Boys
Alexandra Bowls66Pompey Royals
12th/14th Oct
Cowplain Gas57Cowplain B
Waterlooville Butler Boys48Alexandra Bowls
Cowplain Misfits66Broadoak Social Club
Pompey Royals66Waterlooville Bananas
19th/21st Oct
Cowplain B57Waterlooville Bananas
Broadoak Social Club84Cowplain Gas
Alexandra Bowls75Cowplain Misfits
Waterlooville Butler BoysPostponedPompey Royals
26th/28th Oct
Cowplain Gas48Alexandra Bowls
Waterlooville Bananas75Broadoak Social Club
Cowplain Misfits75Waterlooville Butler Boys
Pompey Royals84Cowplain B
2nd/4th Nov
Broadoak Social Club93Cowplain B
Alexandra Bowls57Waterlooville Bananas
Waterlooville Butler Boys66Cowplain Gas
Cowplain Misfits75Pompey Royals
9th/11th Nov
Cowplain Gas84Cowplain Misfits
Waterlooville Bananas93Waterlooville Butler Boys
Cowplain B93Alexandra Bowls
Pompey Royals93Broadoak Social Club
16th/18th Nov
Alexandra Bowls48Broadoak Social Club
Waterlooville Butler Boys84Cowplain B
Cowplain Misfits66Waterlooville Bananas
Pompey Royals75Cowplain Gas
23rd/25th Nov
Cowplain Gas57Waterlooville Bananas
Cowplain Misfits210Cowplain B
Waterlooville Butler Boys210Broadoak Social Club
Pompey Royals66Alexandra Bowls
30th Nov/2nd Dec
Cowplain B84Cowplain Gas
Alexandra Bowls57Waterlooville Butler Boys
Broadoak Social ClubPostponedCowplain Misfits
Waterlooville Bananas84Pompey Royals
7th/9th Dec
Waterlooville BananasCowplain B
Cowplain GasBroadoak Social Club
Cowplain MisfitsAlexandra Bowls
Pompey RoyalsWaterlooville Butler Boys
14th/16th Dec
Alexandra BowlsCowplain Gas
Broadoak Social ClubWaterlooville Bananas
Waterlooville Butler BoysCowplain Misfits
Cowplain BPompey Royals
6th Jan
Cowplain BBroadoak Social Club
Waterlooville BananasAlexandra Bowls
Cowplain GasWaterlooville Butler Boys
Pompey RoyalsCowplain Misfits
11th/13th Jan
Cowplain MisfitsCowplain Gas
Waterlooville Butler BoysWaterlooville Bananas
Alexandra BowlsCowplain B
Broadoak Social ClubPompey Royals
18th/20th jan
Broadoak Social ClubAlexandra Bowls
Cowplain BWaterlooville Butler Boys
Waterlooville BananasCowplain Misfits
Cowplain GasPompey Royals

Peter Rook Cup Fixtures.