Winter Snooker High Breaks 2023-24

Captains must record all breaks of 30 and over on the results sheet. Breaks of 20 and over must be recorded for lower handicaps 30 and below.

There are 10 Break Bands based on handicaps.

Breaks over 30:

Handicap BandsBreakPlayer (Hcp)Club
91 - 10091Mike TalmondtCraneswater A
81 - 9058Richie BurnettWaterlooville C
71 - 8068Laxton SamW/Ville Xcels
61 - 7052Grant VernonCraneswater R
51 - 6045Mark PitmanWaterlooville C
41 - 5033James BurgessNorth End Bowls
31 - 4046Chris DaviesCraneswater R
Andrews Justin(80)Portchester X42
Ashmore Paul (75)Copnor A&E34,34,33
Bailey Chester (80)Emsworth B33
Bates Dean (65)Cowplain Misfits33,35
Benzey Connor (100)W/Ville Bananas42,85,41,74,48,70
Binding Aidie (80)Craneswater A32
Boulton Andy (100)Craneswater A43,30,34,52,41,42,36,67
Burgess James (50)North End Bowls33
Burnett Richie (90)Waterlooville C58
Carter Ian (80)Craneswater A35,33
Compton Dan (65)Copnor A&E30
Compton Scott (95)Copnor A&E35,52,32,37,47,40,45,38,52
Cornwell Lance (65)Broad Oak 33
Cotton Ben (70)W/Ville Xcels40,37,34,31
Davies Chris (40)Craneswater R46
Davies Karl (45)Alexandra Bowls30
Dorey Mike (75)North End Bowls40,43,30
Eden Lee (85)Copnor A&E36,31,39,30
Farrow Jamie (100)Post Office42,30
Fegan Nick (100)Emsworth A48,47,40,36,54,30,31
Fuggle Carl (70)Broad Oak Dandys34
Glover Dave (95)Copnor D34,37,32
Green Steve (85)Copnor D43,30
Harding Greg (100)Emsworth A31,34
Harding Lee (80)Bellair X31,32
Hardyman Chris (75)Emsworth A32,33
Harmer Mike (70)Broad Oak37,31,37
Howell Rich (65)Bellair X30
Humphrey Leah (60)Copnor E32
Jagger Paul (90)Bellair A45
James Matt (90)Portchester X30
Jones Greg (100)Bellair A72,38,59,49,39,30,50,31
Jones Mark (65)Craneswater A47
Kingswell Mark(80)Portchester X38
Kirby Mick (80)Craneswater A37,30
Kirby Neil (75)Cowplain Gas30
Kirby Rob (95)Craneswater A30,30,44,31,60,35,48,76
Lacey Ant (80)Copnor A&E56,31
Laxton Sam (80)W/ville Xcels50,34,68,36,35,36
Lee Dan (85)W/Ville Bananas35,37,40
Lee Tony (80)Pompey Royals30
Linkhorn Russ (85)Cowplain Z37
Lumsden Dan (90)Bellair A32,35,39,34,48
McBain Rod (65)Craneswater R65
Mengham Gavin (80)Emsworth A32,33
Merrett Paul (75)Emsworth B30
Mitas-Pahita Anthony (70)Craneswater R33,31
Morgan Kenny (60)Bellair X34
Norfolk Tony (70)Copnor Zee40
Osborne Adam (75)Copnor E31,43,30,32,61,40
O'Sullivan Ryan(50)Copnor Zee32
Paffett Matt (100)Post Office51,46
Pitman Mark (60)Waterlooville C37,45
Raynor Mark (75)Bellair A37
Rees Dave (90)Cowplain Z37
Rendle Lee (90)W/Ville Bananas33,32,35
Rendle Wayne (100)W/Ville Bananas42,41,42,51,32,37
Richardson Martin(75)Craneswater R34
Riddell Dave (65)Bellair X30,34
Rigby Andrew (85)Post Office35,41
Rigby Joe (70)Craneswater R33
Sanders Trevor (60)Bellair X33
Sheath Matt (80)Alexandra Bowls34
Skeggs Craig (80)Cowplain Gas31,34,30,32,39,38,31
Smith Karl (55)Bellair X30
Swatton Gary (60)Cowplain Gas32
Talmondt Mike (100)Craneswater A88,43,43,91
Terry Bobby (100)Emsworth A38,38,41
Tillison Mark (90)Copnor A&E30
Tingley Dusty (90)Bellair A31,35
Toms Shaun (70)Emsworth A31
Toms Steve (90)Copnor A&E32
Tulley Simon (85)Bellair A33
Turner Barry (85)Post Office39
Vernon Grant (70)Craneswater R35,30,39,52,32
Walter Daniel (60)Copnor E30
Watson Phil (85)Craneswater A40,43
Wilton Gary (80)Bellair A50,30

Breaks over 20:

Handicap BandsBreakPlayer(s) (Hcp)Club(s)
21 - 30
11 - 20
0 - 10

Breaks will ONLY count for 20 or more in the bottom break bands (0-10, 11-20 & 21-30). The rest of the break bands will be 30 or more and recorded on the RESULT SHEET. If Break is NOT recorded on RESULT SHEET, then it will NOT COUNT. Breaks will count if made in any League match or PRLC match (excludes individuals & pairs competitions).