Winter Snooker High Breaks 2019-20

Updated 12th December 2019

This year there will be a different system for the HIGH BREAKS. There will be 10 Break Bands instead of the normal 5 as we have now such a vast handicap system. This will give everyone a chance in their Band to win the High Break Award. The Bottom 3 Bands: 0-10, 11- 20 and 21-30 will now be any breaks over 20 and NOT 30. The rest of the break bands will still be breaks over 30.

Breaks over 30:

H'cap BandsNo of PlayersBreakPlayer(s) (Hcp)Club(s)
91 - 100?119Jamie Wilson (100)Waterlooville A
81 - 90?47Frankie Jakeway (85)Waterlooville A
71 - 80?67Iain Russell (75)Craneswater Q
61 - 70?66Sam Laxton (65)Waterlooville Excels
51 - 60?40Road McBain (60)Craneswater R
41 - 50?45Chester Bailey(50)Emsworth B
31 - 40?

Breaks over 20:

H'cap BandsNo of PlayersBreakPlayer(s) (Hcp)Club(s)
21 - 30?20George Steere (30)Cowplain B
11 - 20????
0 - 10????

Breaks will ONLY count for 20 or more in the bottom break bands (0-10, 11-20 & 21-30). The rest of the break bands will be 30 or more and recorded on the RESULT SHEET. If Break is NOT recorded on RESULT SHEET, then it will NOT COUNT. Breaks will count if made in any League match or PRLC match (excludes individuals & pairs competitions).

As agreed by committee: if 2 teams are level at the end of the season then it goes on head to head (see rule 39) to see who finishes higher if promotion is to be decided.