Notice of AGM

Next AGM will be held at Carlton Club on 20th May 2024 at 7.30pm.


After accepting last year’s minutes, brief addresses will be made in turn by the chairman, secretary, treasurer (who will provide copies of audited accounts), press & trophy secretary and the competitions secretaries. 

Then follow:


Committee Proposals:

1. That the incumbent committee, including co-opted members, be re-elected en bloc with no other nominations having been received.

2. Miss Rule : Following a foul shot which leads to a ‘miss’ being called a maximum of 2 further misses can be called therefore a maximum of 3 penalty shots under the Miss Rule

3. Peter Rook Cup : From the group stage the top four to progress to a round of 16 Knockout. This will add one further week to the competition and engage more teams at the knockout stage.  

4. Rule 56: Maximum handicap for Billiards be changed from current +100 to +120. Designed to spread current players on +100 handicap who would merit from a further increase based on form.

5. Over 50’s Competition: This competition to run alongside all other Winter competitions to encourage more take up with from the start of the Winter season. The last 8 playing a K/O at the Copnor Club on a designated date towards the end of the season.

Members’ Proposals:

  1. That the Summer League format be changed to 3 matches of 6 Reds for each team player therefore a total of 18 points to be contested.
    Proposer: Scott Compton          Seconder: Mark Tillison