Harding Cup

Individual (h/cap) Knock-out 2024. All matches to be played off full handicap, then to 200 NOT THE DIFFERENCE IN HANDICAPS.

25 players entered this years Competition.

Please post your result on the temporary ‘Harding Cup’ WhatsApp group immediately after the match has ended.

Preliminary Round

Matches to be played by 1st April
Adam Gillen Portchester X 187 – 200 Lee Rendle Waterlooville Bananas
Ioan Moon Cowplain X 200 – 190 Tony Simmons Copnor A&E
Gary Curtis Cowplain X (33) 200 – 151 v Steve Ball Waterlooville Bananas
Steve Scott Bellair 180 – 200 Harry Yard Craneswater A (30)
Ben Cotton Waterlooville Bananas 200 – 155 Dean Bates Cowplain Misfits
Mark Tillison Copnor A&E (52,31) 200 – 155 Ant Lacey Copnor A&E
Rob Kirby Craneswater A 200 – 197 Steve Hughes Copnor A&E
Chris Bishop Craneswater A 200 – 198 v Mick Kirby Craneswater A
James Curtis Cowplain X 200 – 164 Ollie Rendle Waterlooville Bananas

All other entries have byes
Gary Wilton
Matt James
Pete Gorvin
Roy Steere
Scott Compton
Simon Tulley
Trevor Sanders

Round One – to be played by 19th April

Peter Gorvin Cowplain X 169 – 200 Roy Steere Cowplain X
James Curtis Cowplain X 200 – 134 Matt James Portchester X
Lee Rendle W/Ville Bananas 172 – 200 Scott Compton Copnor A&E
Ben Cotton W/Ville Bananas 200 – 111 Simon Tulley Bellair
Gary Wilton Bellair 200 – 111 Gary Curtis Cowplain X
Ioan Moon Cowplain X 200 – 145 Trevor Sanders Bellair
Chris Bishop Craneswater A 84 – 200 Rob Kirby Craneswater A
Harry Yard Craneswater A (30,38) 200 – 163 Mark Tillison Copnor A&E

Quarter Finals – to be played by 3rd May

Quarter Finals
Roy Steere (Cowplain X)196 - 200Rob Kirby (Craneswater A)
Ioan Moon (Cowplain X)172 - 200Gary Wilton (Bellair)
Scott Compton (Copnor A&E)200 - 199Harry Yard (Craneswater A)
James Curtis (Cowplain X)179 - 200Ben Cotton (W/Ville Bananas)

Semi Finals – to be played by 2nd June

Semi Finals
Rob Kirby200 - 158Scott Compton (56,35)
Gary Wilton (31)189 - 200Ben Cotton (36)

FINAL- 24th June

Cowplain Social Club
Dress Code Applies .

Ben CottonVRob Kirby

Harding Cup Previous Winners

2023Lee RendleGary Wilton
2022Trevor SandersMatt James
2021No Competition
2020No Competition
2019Chris BishopColin Rowe
2018Andy BoultonEmma Bonney
2017Rob KirbyNigel Ward
2016Pedro FergusonNigel Ward
2015Andy BoultonJohn Wyatt
2014NIGEL WardDave Lawrence
2013Steve ColeSteve Lawrence
2012Andy BoultonSteve Kearn
2011Emma BonneyFred Jeffrey
2010Steve KearnDave Lawrence
2009Alex SpencerSteve Hughes
2008Matt JamesSteve Hughes
2007Alex SpencerSteve Lawrence
2006Dave WildAlex Spencer
2005Steve LawrenceDennis Hushley
2004Peter RookSteve Lawrence
2003Steve HughesDave Burgess
2002Dave BurgessSteve Hughes
2001Dave BurgessDanny Baldacchino