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Division 1 League Table

Updated 02/12/21PWDLFFFAPTS
Waterlooville A7520523252
Copnor A&E7412513351
Emsworth A7421473747
Craneswater A7313453945
Portchester X7322444044
Post Office7124374737
Bellair A7214374737
Copnor D7016236123

Division 1 – 5 Player Rule

This rule will not be recorded for the new restart season (2021/22). Teams can enjoy unlimited use of the 5 Player Rule.


Division 1 Results Table

* Denotes 5 Man Rule used.

Division 1 Results Table   
7th Oct
Emsworth A75Bellair A
BYE--Copnor D
Copnor A&E--BYE
Waterlooville A84Portchester X
Craneswater A93Post Office
14th Oct
Bellair A--BYE
Portchester X66Craneswater A
BYE--Waterlooville A
Copnor D210Copnor A&E
Post Office57Emsworth A
21st Oct
BYE--Emsworth A
Copnor A&E111Bellair A
Waterlooville A102Copnor D
Craneswater A--BYE
Portchester X75Post Office
28th Oct
Bellair A57Waterlooville A
Emsworth A66Copnor A&E
BYE--Portchester X
Copnor D48Craneswater A
Post Office--BYE
4th Nov
Copnor A&E--BYE
Waterlooville A66Emsworth A
Craneswater A84Bellair A
Portchester X75Copnor D
BYE--Post Office
11th Nov
Bellair A66Portchester X
Emsworth A75Craneswater A
BYE--Waterlooville A
Copnor D--BYE
Post Office75Copnor A&E
18th Nov
Waterlooville A75Copnor A&E
Craneswater A--BYE
Portchester X93Emsworth A
BYE--Bellair A
Copnor D66Post Office
25th Nov
Bellair A93Copnor D
Emsworth A--BYE
BYE--Portchester X
Copnor A&E75Craneswater A
Post Office66Waterlooville A
2nd Dec
Craneswater A48Waterlooville A
Portchester X57Copnor A&E
Copnor D111Emsworth A
Post Office57Bellair A
9th Dec
Bellair AEmsworth A
Copnor DBYE
BYECopnor A&E
Portchester XWaterlooville A
Post OfficeCraneswater A
16th Dec
BYEBellair A
Craneswater APortchester X
Waterlooville ABYE
Copnor A&ECopnor D
Emsworth APost Office
6th Jan
Emsworth ABYE
Bellair ACopnor A&E
Copnor DWaterlooville A
BYECraneswater A
Post OfficePortchester X
13th Jan
Waterlooville ABellair A
Copnor A&EEmsworth A
Portchester XBYE
Craneswater ACopnor D
BYEPost Office
20th jan
BYECopnor A&E
Emsworth AWaterlooville A
Bellair ACraneswater A
Copnor DPortchester X
Post OfficeBYE
27th Jan
Portchester XBellair A
Craneswater AEmsworth A
Waterlooville ABYE
BYECopnor D
Copnor A&EPost Office
3rd Feb
Copnor A&EWaterlooville A
BYECraneswater A
Emsworth APortchester X
Bellair ABYE
Post OfficeCopnor D
10th Feb
Copnor DBellair A
BYEEmsworth A
Portchester XBYE
Craneswater ACopnor A&E
Waterlooville APost Office
17th Feb
Waterlooville ACraneswater A
Copnor A&EPortchester X
Emsworth ACopnor D
Bellair APost Office

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