Some changes to the rules

Here are some changes that have come from the latest Committee Meetings and AGM.

  1. As from Summer League 2019 it will be compulsory to send your results through the Wattsapp system. A new form for Captains will be supplied by Gary to fill in. A “Result Sheet”, where you can take a picture of this and then send the result through. There will be no cards to fill in, only the NEW Result Sheet. The NEW Result sheet will be double sided, so that you can fit 4 games on, these are to be used for all games, so you will have 2 Result Sheets on 1 page and you can then turn them over, then use the sheets on the back.
  2. The Rule 38 and 39 – take out wording “if enough time for a play-off to decide winners” committee to decide venue. League decided (if points level) by head to head in case of a play off for promotion and relegation.
  3. This years Billiard league will now be 200 up and not 150 as previously stated in the rule 48.
  4. In the Snooker Cup Competitions (Individuals & Pairs) – that if a player(s) fails to turn up by 8:30pm the other player(s) may claim the game. To include 1 frame penalty at 7:45pm and 2 frame penalty at 8:15pm.
  5. Rule 42 – wording to be taken out that the sentence reads “the finals for Individual or Pairs Competitions will be played at a venue announced by the Executive Committee or chosen by the Sponsor, and Referees will be supplied just for the final.