Summer League to start 14th July

Delighted to announce that this years Summer League has been finalised so please check out the Summer League pages for fixtures etc. Three Divisions over 10 weeks taking us nicely into the main Winter League. Scoresheets etc are being delivered this week.

Whilst we have been getting used to playing again the committee have relaxed one or two rules but are now keen to get back to our old disciplines so ………

5 Player Rule
The Summer League will see the return of limited usage of the 5 Player Rule where the rules state that this can used up to 4 times. The league table now includes a new column to track usage for each team. Please remember that a player chosen to play twice in the singles cannot then be chosen again to play twice in the doubles. Another player must be selected.

Captains are reminded to ensure the 5 Player Rule is used properly and in the spirit it was originally intended. Only in very exceptional circumstances will the Committee accept a postponed match. The 5 player rule is in place to avoid this.

Captains are encouraged to read Rule 27B again to ensure the rule is carried through fully whereby the captain with 6 players seizes the advantage by choosing a player to play twice. This can be done up to 8.45pm so that the captain can make an informed choice.

These must now be fully completed and posted on the results whatsapp group immediately after the match has ended. The committee no longer wish to see makeshift versions of the proper form. Also enter full player names and in order of play please.

As always I am put a text or phone call away if you need anything. Thanks to everyone for continued support. The Winter League in September will see us fully back to normal again with a full programme of Competitions. On that subject Tony Hansford has stepped down as Competitions Secretary and so Pete Gorvin & Ioan Moon have kindly stepped to jointly run things. I know they are planning how they will go about the job so I will update you nearer September.

Take care all and enjoy the Summer
Gary Curtis – Hon. Secretary
24th June 2022