AGM Update & Summer league 2023

Our AGM took place on Monday 22nd May and was well attended this year. Various Committee & Members Proposals were put forward and so I have summarised the outcomes below which all take immediate effect .

Team registrations for the Summer League are now required. Captains can get the Password direct from Gary Curtis and/or the League WhatsApp group.

AGM 2023

After accepting last year’s minutes, brief addresses were made in turn by the chairman, secretary, treasurer (who provided copies of audited accounts), results secretary and the competitions secretary.

Committee Proposals
1) That the incumbent committee, including co-opted members, be re-elected en bloc with no other nominations having been received. – Proposal Carried

2) That Rule 14 be changed toThe Honorary Treasurer shall send a Statements of Account (invoice) to each team captain or representative separately at the end of each playing season (Snooker, Billiards and Summer Snooker). Captains will be responsible for the collection of fees and fines, and the payment of these to the Honorary Treasurer within five weeks of receipt of the invoice. In the event of a Club closing, unpaid fees for teams from that Club shall become due from members of those teams, pro rata to their participation.
Consequences of Late Payment
Teams or players who do not settle accounts within five weeks will be charged a fine determined by the Executive Committee. That team maybe required to additionally pay 100% of all match fees in advance with their registration fees for any subsequent season. – Proposal Carried

This proposal focusses on ensuring Captains are responsible for settling the end of season invoice within 5 weeks of issue. The Treasurer will issue timely invoices to all captains. The consequences for late payment are now clearly defined and will be enforced.

3) That Rule 19 be changed to – Applications to register a team must be carried out on line via the Association Website. Captains must nominate a Vice Captain with contact number. At least 7 players must be listed ‘AN Other’ will not be accepted.
The Flat Fee for registering a team will be set by the Executive Committee. The Flat fee will be reduced by £5 per any Life Member listed on the team registration form.
Captains can subsequently register additional players throughout the season without any further fees. Further player registrations must be requested via the Hon Secretary for agreement.
Payment of Registration Fees
Captains are responsible for ensuring fees are paid on time.
If a Team Registration fee is not paid before the commencement of the season then that team will incur a fine of £15 per week up to a maximum of £45. After three weeks and if the fees plus fines have not been paid then that team maybe suspended. – Proposal Carried

This proposal again centres on ensuring Captains are responsible for the payment of Registration fees. The ‘On Line’ form now requires nomination of a Vice captain for further cover and ease of communication.
The Team Registration fee will be a set amount rather than £5 per player. This will be reduced by £5 per Life Member. The other Team Fee of £7 is waived. In addition a Captain my register additional players (subject to approval) without an additional fees.
For Example: The Fee for the 2023 Summer league is £40 flat. If a team registers the minimum 7 players then the fee will be £40 compared to £42 before (7x£5 + £7). A team registering 10 players will pay £40 compared to £57 before (10 x £5 +£7).
Fees MUST be paid before the start of the season. Fines etc are clearly laid out above if a Captains fails to pay in time. Fines and potential suspension from the league will be enforced.

4) That Rule 31 Paragraph 2 remove any reference to penalties for away teams. This makes home team fully responsible for completing and submitting the scoresheet properly. – Proposal Carried

Self explanatory proposal making Home Captain fully responsible for completing and submitting match scoresheet correctly.

5) That under all references to Snooker Handicaps. The Maximum start a player may give is 50.- Proposal Carried

This proposal was heard and debated after Member Proposal Number 1 below. The current Handicap System will remain in force but now subject to a maximum start of 50.

Members Proposal

1.That Snooker handicaps change back to Zero-49 – Proposal Denied
Proposer: Scott Compton          Seconder: Mark Tillison

This Proposal was fully debated by all in attendance and voted upon and narrowly rejected. Committee Proposal 5 was then introduced – see above

2. That Mobile Phones/Electrical devices shall not be used whilst playing or refereeing in all games. Proposal Carried
Proposer: Steve Scott               Seconder: Trevor Sanders

This Proposal centres on players or referees persistently using Mobile Devices while playing which could distract them from the game. In particular referees must pay attention to the task in hand and not be constantly looking at a mobile phone. In essence, common sense should prevail, albeit there are certain circumstances when a player or referee may need a device to hand for family reasons or otherwise. Any issues regarding this should be discussed between captains and reported on the scoresheet if appropriate so that the committee can take action.

The final task for Chris our Chairman was to award Life Memberships to two individuals namely Trevor Sanders and myself. To say we are both delighted is an understatement. Trevor has been a fantastic supporter of our precious leagues for as long as I can remember. We both joined the league as teenagers and we both now take active roles in the committee and work hard to protect the future of the PDBSA.

This concludes the AGM for 2023. If any members wishes to see a copy of the Minutes then let me know.

Regards to all

Gary Curtis Hon. Secretary