Belated Happy New Year to you all

Committee meetings are continuing to take place via zoom. As you might expect there is little by way of update following any last messages.

Main focus now is the progress around the vaccine roll out and the subsequent easing of restrictions leading to reopening of clubs etc.  You will appreciate how difficult it is to predict when any league Snooker might begin again so we will keep you posted as always.

The bottom line has always been members safety so clearly the committee will wait until there are official guidelines on league snooker before making any decisions.

I’m sure in these difficult times many of you are facing more important challenges than league snooker but rest assured the committee are still there in the background ready to move when the time is fully right.

Given the progress in the vaccine programme we might allow ourselves a degree of optimism but as mentioned before the timing of league snooker again is very much still unknown.

Please continue to stay safe all. Next meeting is late March at which time all team captains will be updated via the results WhatsApp group. If there are any significant developments then we will update this page so please continue to watch this space.

If you have any questions etc then please contact Gary Curtis on or 07925988835

Best wishes all for better times ahead.