How to fill in your Results Sheets

Below is an example sample RESULT SHEET. Please fill it in using the following guidance: RED: All must be filled in. GREEN: Handicaps for all Peter Rook League Cup/Presidents Cup matches and for DIVISION 4 only. BLUE:  For breaks over 20 or 30 depending on which break band you are in.

Result Sheets MUST Be FULLY Completed and SENT on TIME.

Please send a photo of your Result Card on WhatsApp to help the process of collating results. If you are the Captain or stand-in and have not registered your mobile number with Gary or Chris, then please do after giving your consent to share your number.

If any captain or stand-in captain wished to register a player, then please contact Gray Curtis on 07925 988835. If Gary is not available then leave a message on his mobile, and that will be sufficient. If Gary is on holiday then please contact either Steve Toms or Graham Simper.


1. Division, Date, Players Name, Points, Total and Captains Signature must be filled in, any of the above information that are missing and the Captains can’t say who played who from their own records will lose points. See RULE 32 of the Constitution.

2. Any result Sheet that is not received by the RESULTS SECRETARY by the end of the season will incorporate and fine of £10 per Sheet. See Rule 32 of the Constitution.

3. There are 2 types of Sheet (1) For the League matches and (2) Used only for Peter Rook League Cup Team Matches. This is indicated at the top of the Result Sheet.

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