Snooker League to re-start on 5th/7th Oct 2021

26th Aug 2021

Hi again from Gary Curtis, League Secretary. First let me say a huge thanks to everyone for the positive responses to restarting the league in Oct. Following latest committee meeting we are good to go with 26 teams confirming they will take part.

Start date will be Thursday 7th October for majority with a few teams having to play home games on Tuesdays starting on 5th Oct. The format will be same as before with 3 divisions and 6 players playing 2 frames each.

We need to include some flexibility to overcome any potential Covid issues so some changes to rules have been agreed by the committee for the new restart league. These changes are designed to add flexibility, player distancing and hopefully confidence in playing league matches.

  • 5 Player rule is unlimited
  • No food to be provided or expected
  • No expectation that matches need to be refereed although captains can choose to if desired and safely.
  • Cancelled matches will not be expected to be rescheduled unless both captains agree and can do so safely and fairly swiftly. More likely the committee will agree a panel type result based on performance to date. Please consider playing a match even if you have 4 players. Use the 5 player rule and forgo just 2 frames.
  • Total flexibility on adding new players throughout the season to boost any shortfall in numbers.

The English Partnership for Snooker & Billiards (EPSB) have issued guidelines/recommendations for snooker clubs to cover Covid related issues. The league committee urge and encourage all our members to visit the EPSB website to fully understand what the guidelines say. By doing so all our members playing in our new league will understand what to expect from clubs . You can then make your own informed decision on playing the match or not. Naturally we should all manage our own Covid risk always. You can read the guidelines by clicking here

Fees – As you know there will be no fees for player registrations(£5 each) but weekly match fees of £4.20 per week (per team)are still payable in line with previous years and will be collected at the end of the season.

The restart league will not include the Peter Rook Cup or individual or pairs competitions.

A plea from the committee please regarding the ‘spirit’ the new league will need to be played in.  I hope everyone views the new league as an opportunity to simply get back to the fun of playing again. Some individuals might still be a little nervous about crowded snooker rooms so lets all be respectful and maintain our distances as much as possible. We know that Covid strikes without warning and so its possible matches will need to be cancelled, sometimes with very little notice. If this happens lets take it on the chin and remember why. In time things will settle and doubtless 2022 will edge us nearer to full normality. Lets all make this new restart league as successful as it can be.

Registration forms will be delivered next week so get them back to me please by Friday 10th Sep. All you have to do is quickly list your players and complete GDPR section then take a photo and send direct to me via Whatsapp or text. It will take captains just a few minutes to complete and send.

Fixtures etc will be delivered in good time before 5th October

That’s all for now but as always don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions etc.

Almost there… Take care all