Peter Rook Cup set to return

26th November 2021

First, let me say a huge thanks to all players for making the return of league snooker such a success. Win, draw or lose the spirit across all teams is positive and upbeat and has been key despite the challenges we have faced.

Looking forward with renewed confidence the committee are now looking at running a ‘quick’ Peter Rook team snooker competition immediately following the conclusion of the Winter League. Details to follow but likely a short league format followed by a last 8 K/O stage. This might change as we will need to balance timing with the return of our beloved Billiards League ahead of the Summer Winter League.

Please watch this space for updates but you will doubtless see from the above that we are slowly getting back to normal with a full annual programme of Snooker & Billiards. Naturally we will continue to monitor Covid and prioritise members safety at all times.

Almost all teams have expressed a wish to take part in the Peter Rook Competition and we also hope to welcome back one or two more teams/friends who were unable to join the Winter League.

That’s all folks. Stay safe and well.

Gary Curtis – League Secretary